ADAS calibration pricing varies by vehicle make, model, and year.


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Depending on what vehicle you drive, you will have one of 3 possible types of calibration.
  • Static Calibration: Uses specialty tools, calibration bay, and targets. A vehicle is brought into a calibration bay, targets are precisely lined up and a calibration is performed.
  • Dynamic Calibration: Uses a specialty tool and a driver. The vehicle is placed in a learning mode and the vehicle is calibrated by monitoring drivers actions and road conditions. The driver must operate the vehicle based on set instructions per the manufacturer.
  • Static and Dynamic Calibration: Certain models of vehicles were designed by their manufacturers to require both types of calibration.

While all calibrations fall into one of these 3 categories, there are many sub-factors that effect what is required to complete the process and contribute to pricing. There are also varied requirements that must be met before a calibration can be performed.